Referral Partners

Referring your patients to a different provider is a serious decision, but it doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

Why Refer to Us?

Our entire process is designed to be a delight for the referring provider. Our staff helps schedule, obtain medical and anesthesia pre-authorizations, and get all pre-operative medical clearances.

We serve as a surgery center, not as the primary dental home. Every patient referred to Motown Children's is sent back to their original dental provider, accompanied by detailed post-treatment documentation, for ongoing care.

Motown Children's Surgery Center offers comprehensive life-saving equipment in a licensed establishment, bypassing the long wait times typically associated with hospitals.

Each case is meticulously monitored by anesthesia professionals to ensure the utmost safety in administering general anesthesia.

Qualified nurses provide continuous care for each patient, from pre-surgery preparation to post-surgery recovery

Our Referral Process

Inform Your Patient

Inform your patient about their referral to the Motown Children's Surgery Center for treatment under general anesthesia.

Facilitate Patient Care

Refer your patient to us via website, email, or fax! We’ll reach out to your patient within 24 business hours of receiving the referral.

Day of Procedure

Your patient will undergo an examination to confirm their eligibility for anesthesia. On the same day, they will receive treatment and attentive care from our team of anesthesia professionals, dentists, and nurses


After completing your patient's treatment, we will provide you with a comprehensive post-operative report detailing each procedure carried out


All Pediatric Dentists, Dental Surgeons, or Oral Surgeons who treats patients under general anesthesia must be credentialed at the Motown Children’s Surgery Center.  

Credentialed doctors must comply with our facility’s policies and procedures.

To obtain a credentialing application or ask more about the credentialing process, contact us.

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